Brownie Bliss Balls

My wife is guest blogging for me today with another tasty recipe. This one is actually pretty healthy to.

I wanted a “healthy snack” to satisfy those chocolate cravings and came across this recipe, which I modified just a tiny bit.

Hot Fudge Brownie Larabars from Chocolate Covered Diet’s Blog.

Instead of bars I wanted bites sized balls and I also added in Cashews as I like their milder flavor compared to walnuts. The best part of this recipe? no added sugar except for the chocolate chips, which you could leave out.

1/2 cup walnuts

1/2 cup cashews

1 and 1/3 cups pitted dates

1 tsp pure vanilla extract

3-4 T cocoa powder

1/4 chocolate chips (optional)

Throw all the ingredients into a food processor, blend until smooth then form into bite sized balls. Here was the challenge for me. I do not own a food processor (yet). So I used my regular old Oster blender. Yup a blender. BUT I had to blend the ingredients once all together, then dump them into a large bowl and add them back into the blender 1/4 cup at a time. Yes it was a pain but it also shows even if you do not have a food processor you can make some nice healthy snacks. Store in fridge in airtight container.

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5 thoughts on “Brownie Bliss Balls

  1. These look great. This looks like a recipe I can tackle with my kids!

  2. These do indeed look like bliss. Yum!

    • Thanks for the visit. So happy to have discovered your sight, I will spending some time there as the recipes are my favorite kind, simple and flavorful.

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