Mark Bittman’s 8 rules for healthy eating from

To compliment his other fields of Massage Therapy and Physical Therapy, Tom has decided to combine the two and get his Personal Trainer Certificate. This actually requires a lot more nutrition training then you would think. This is a great article on eating healthy. It is simple yet such good insight it was worth sharing.
Bliss G.

Healthy Food and Recipes for Runners


Mark Bittman offers eight new rules for healthy eating.

By Mark Bittman

Image by Rita Maas
Image by Rita Maas

From the October 2009 issue of Runner’s World

Eat what you like, but think about proportion

Americans eat more doughnuts, soda, and chips than real food. While you should continue to eat the foods you like, eat them moderately and concentrate the majority of your diet on foods that are naturally low in calories (low-fat junk foods can be pretty high in calories, and even low-calorie junk foods add up quickly, too). Don’t fall into the trap of thinking about foods as “good” or “bad”—nothing is evil, or is going to hurt you in moderate proportions; similarly, no one food is going to save you…

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Mark Bittman’s 8 rules for healthy eating from

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