Easy fix for slippery stairs.

One of Tom’s honey do projects can be checked off. On Sunday we fixed the stairs of our house so they are safer. This has been on our list for a long time but became a higher priority with our dog having surgery and being weak he could easily have slipped on the stairs. They had large gaps in them and the are very short and slippery. We used cedar fence boards for backing and cedar trim pieces to give the stairs and extra inch of width while adding a slight 1/4 inch “lip” so you don’t slide off the front. They are now all nice and fixed and we even found the time to make a nice wooden gate and got rid of the ugly plastic baby gate we had up on our porch…keep in mind this gate is not to keep our dogs in, they are very well behaved. It is to keep the neighbor’s little annoying dog from coming up and peeing on our porch. This dog just waits for a chance to dash up and “mark his territory” any time we leave the porch unguarded. Well no longer will that be a problem./Bliss for Tom

Front porch before

Note ugly plastic baby gate and wide "fall through them" gaps on stairs

Front porch Tom working

Tom working hard with power tools

Front porch after

all pretty and functional

Front porch gate close up

close up of the gate, we used wire to make it nice and light weight, plus the dogs like it as they can see out.

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