Maryland House One year later (2010)

Last summer we helped my mom change her yard from grass to raised flower beds. It changed the whole look of the house and now that the garden is maturing it is starting to really look beautiful. It really was not that expensive to do as we used gravel for the pathways. The biggest expense was probably the river rock for the flower bed borders and the dirt as we used a really nice 5 way. Here is the pictures from a year ago:
Part one of  “the Maryland House Project”

Part two of “the Maryland House Project”

And finally here are the current pictures:

Take note of the size of that lavender. I think it is inspired by the paint color on the house.

Some detail on the front beds.

Close up of the “Rose of Sharon” so full of flowers this year. I guess it didn’t mind the bucket of paint I dropped on it last year.

Sun flowers are monstrous this year.

The bees seem to like them.

One of my favorites a beautiful white hydrangea. I need to get an updated picture as in the last week it has now started to turn a beautiful delicate pink.

Don’t you just want to take a walk down that path 🙂

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