Deming Eagle Park on a cold Winter day

Even though the weather may be gray and wet there are still many beautiful places to go “play” in Whatcom County. A great place to go enjoy this time of year is the Deming Eagle Park.


Even if you do not see any eagles it is still a pretty walk  and if you have worked up an appetite you should head out a little farther to the best pizza place in Whatcom County: the North Fork Brewery and Pizza.

The dogs give it three paws up.

Who needs GPS when you have navigation by Sieann.

Be sure to gather your toys before you head out.

Keep on the look out for eagles

Be sure to take a break and enjoy the scenery.

Keep checking the sky for Eagles.

And even if you think you aren’t going to see any keep that camera handy as you never know what might fly by just as you are packing up to leave…