Fresh eggs and urban farming

I really like the idea of Urban Farming. I hope to have a home eventually with a big enough yard that I can accomplish this goal. A great book is Farm City: the education of an uban farmer by Novella Carpenter.

she also has an interesting blog if you want to follow her: Ghost Town Farm.

Tom and I have been really missing our farm fresh eggs. Our one sources hens just were not laying enough and then our other contact lost her chickens to the neighbors dogs. So we have been back to buying eggs from the store and they are just not the same. I keep trying to find eggs from some one local but it seemed most people that advertised were out in the county and I just didn’t want to drive to get them.

Well I decided to walk Sieann to Tom’s Open House at 615 Sunset and keep him company: Just 2 blocks from our apartment there was a sign for eggs!!! The best part was being able to see the chickens happily running around in their back yard pecking at stuff and getting to be chickens.
So I got a dozen of these beauties.

The official egg inspector.

Yup those will do.


2 thoughts on “Fresh eggs and urban farming

  1. I fantasize about having my own garden and growing my own fruit and veggies. But the truth is I just don’t like to garden very much so I think my project would be an epic fail. But maybe if I start small I’ll get the hang of it. So glad we have a local CSA and market to provide to us in the meantime. 🙂

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