Cool Feature on WordPress

So for you non bloggers out there this might not be so exciting but for me…it is so FABULOUS I can not contain my excitement so I have to post about it. You can now…wait for it…have these really great buttons at the bottom of  your blog so that friends who read your blog can tweet and share on:

or Twitter

or Reddit

or digg

or StumbleUpon

Here is the help link: How to add sharing buttons on your WordPress blog

It looks complicated but really all you have to do is go in to  Settings and click on Sharing. Then it is pretty self-explanatory from there.

Happy Sharing.
And please if you read my blogs please share, share, share
using the buttons at the bottom of the post that look like this:

It helps WhatcomTom get more readers.
Thanks Bunches.

One thought on “Cool Feature on WordPress

  1. Aren’t those fun? I want to add those to my blog too.. i know it can be done but it involves changing my HTML since I have a custom design and so I think I’ll just wait. 🙂

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