Sun, Stewart Mt and Strange bags on trees

Along with the rest of the county, we headed out to enjoy the sunshine. We decided on Stewart Mountain as we needed a quick hike and shade for the dogs.

Yes a picture of blue sky and trees because blue sky is that exciting right now.

After about 30 pictures this was the best shot I could get of these flitting creatures. So thankful for digital, can not even imagine the amount of film that would have been wasted to try and get this shot. Amazing to me still the luxury of just clicking away.

Ok and now for the bags. These trees are all penned in this enclosure and a few rows have bags on them. So curious what these are?

close up of the mystery bag.

We all enjoyed the walk without multiple layers of clothing and it was still cool enough for the dogs.

4 thoughts on “Sun, Stewart Mt and Strange bags on trees

  1. I’ve seen those bags before too and have wondered what they are all about.

    I don’t think I’ve seen those butterflies or moths or whatever they are, though. Beautiful.

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