The Elusive Black Squirrel

Squirrels are everywhere in Bellingham.There are black ones, gray ones and even some pretty reddish-brown ones. I have been able to get some good photos of the gray squirrels but I am having the hardest time getting a shot of the black ones. I went to Broadway park with high hopes the other day and all I got were fuzzy pictures of squirrels dashing away. Until the very end I got a shot of a black squirrel poking his head out from around a tree and I swear he was sticking his tongue out at me. See for yourself…

For the “hunt” I brought some help. Shy was great at pointing out the squirrels.

Vinnie was no help at all, he kept getting distracted by a pretty golden retriever.

Shy was convinced that a squirrel might have followed us home.

Vinnie was exhausted from all that admiring of the cute golden retriever, I mean from hunting squirrels.

I of course was able to get a nice shot of this gray-brown squirrel.

And my one and only useable shot of a black squirrel. And it looks like he is sticking his tongue out as he peeks around the tree.

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