Walk in Northridge Park and Identify this Cute Creature

With the weather finally getting warmer it is time to find shady places to hike with the dogs so we decided to hike to Northridge Park via Big Rock Garden parking lot.

We ended up hiking from the Sylan St entrance of Big Rock to the Highfield Crt areal of Northridge park. If we had started earlier and it wasn’t getting to be dinner time we could have done the whole loop and made the hike 2 hours instead of 1 hour. (I have hyperlinked the map above as it is a great resource for the interurban trails of Bellingham).

Sadly we couldn’t actually tour the garden as it is off limits to dogs. Which as a responsible dog owner I understand but still wish I could take my well behaved dogs that are on leash and under control through the Garden.

Despite all the rules it really is a magical place and I will have to go back without the dogs and get some photos.

Nice and shady easy to walk on graveled paths for most of the trail. There are a few area’s where it is a bit narrow but most of the trail looks just like this.

There are a couple of little marshy ponds with ducks and the bullfrogs where making some amazing sounds. Wish I had my flip camera with me so I could have recorded them.

AND finally the mystery creature. It is definitely not a squirrel that I normally see around the city, although about the same size as a squirrel. Looks like the love child of a chipmunk and a squirrel. shorter thinner tail, larger eyes, small close to the head ears, shorter stockier body and gray body with brown under coat.

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