Lake Whatcom North Shore Trail, But Where is the Lake?

So we decided to go hiking at Lake Whatcom North Shore Trial but took the trail up the mountain instead of the flat trail by the lake. It is a great trail for the dogs, nice and shady, they can run off leash and you get a pretty good work out as the trail can be steep in a few parts.

Headed out.

Sunshine effect, 100% natural.

I have about 20 of these but will refrain and just post one.

Ok maybe just one more, no editing on this one either, the sky and trees were just amazing with the early morning sun.

The moss of some of these trees is just amazing.

Lots of wildflowers still.

Almost to the top and oh look there is the lake (Lake Whatcom).

Back into the trees and shade.

Trail Marker.

Another great hike.