Barkley Movie Theater August 2011

There is a movie theater going in on the south west corner of Barkley and Woburn. As much as I wish they would have remodeled the Sunset Theater instead of making another giant box, this field was doomed to be filled from the start. I am going to try and take photos and document the changes each month.

Links to stories on the upcoming construction

Friday November 19, 2010

June 15, 2011 

July 15, 2011

If you look at the very first photo you can see the hill to the right. In this picture it is almost gone.

4 thoughts on “Barkley Movie Theater August 2011

  1. You know, I wouldn’t mind so much if they built subterranean parking for the theater. Instead, it’s another huge tarmac parking lot, which with a big box in the middle, which increases the eyesore factor tremendously.

    I’ll stick to the lovely new Pickford Film Center.

  2. wouldn’t it be awesome if they made it completely modern environmentally friendly building? with a rooftop garden, solar panels and as you mentioned subterranean parking? Something we could be proud of instead of another giant box and paved field…

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