The Trees of Stewart Mountain

Today was going to be a post filled with beautiful pictures of Mt Baker from our quick trip to Lummi Island yesterday. Instead I had to post the sad pictures I took of the trees on Stewart Mountain Trails. It is one of my favorite places to hike in the winter for the beautiful views and wide easy logging trails.

March 2011 Hike

May 2011 Hike

It is a bit to hot in the summer for the big dogs so we tend to not go very much. Today was nice enough in the morning so we braved the shady pioneer trail and it was heartbreaking. Almost every Douglas Fir is dead or dying.

I assume it is the bark beetles? not sure if anyone knows please share.

I tried to take pictures but they just do not show the enormity of this devastation. The cedars look ok but every fir treed is almost dead, it has happened so fast as just in May the trees were not this bad.

The ferns make this look better then it really is, the branches, except for the very top, are all dead.

This picture really shows the branches. It was so quiet in the woods, no birds or squirrels in these trees, almost eerie.

It looked like winter, but these are evergreens…

Shy and Vinnie will be very sad if all their trees are gone. I have some hope because the cedars and the maples are doing ok.

2 thoughts on “The Trees of Stewart Mountain

  1. Wow. Terribly sad. Have you thought to report it to someone?

    If I recall correctly, some of Stewart is DNR land.

    I think Teri’s comment, about whether or not whatever killed these trees is spreading, is a very legitimate concern.

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