Lincoln Building part 2

The Lincoln building that I was so excited about in my previous post had a open house tour and I was able to go. I was just as happy and impressed with the roof and solar panels as I had hoped.  I learned 2 additional facts, one is the living roof has sedums that flower and attract bees so not only does the roof have all the other benefits I already knew about it is also helping the bee population.  The other fact I learned at the open house was that the solar panels and their components were all made in the United States. To me green energy = jobs not only locally for the construction but also national for the assembly of the parts used. Now if my dream of completely green roofs and solar panels across the whole city could just be realized…

carpet of green (actually when you got closer it was a rainbow of colors)

you can’t see them in this picture but there are benches for people to sit and enjoy the beautiful roof

so many varieties

I could take pictures of these plants all day, I find them so beautiful, but it was time to go to the top of the 10 story building and get some pictures of the solar panels.

They are even beautiful in their own industrial way…

one more picture of the view from the top

2 thoughts on “Lincoln Building part 2

  1. Awesome and inspiring! I’ve always loved sedums and succulents!

    I have a 10/12 pitch on my roof, so I’m not sure it’s possible to have a green roof, and it could be tricky to maintain if it is possible, but love the idea!

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