2011 10 29 Whatcom Falls


Took the dogs to the off leash trails at Whatcom Falls park. Before we went to the off leash part of the park we got some pictures of the falls.

The water was actually not running very quickly today.

It still was pretty.

I could probably take pictures of moss all day. It was so vibrant.

Even though I was disappointed so many of the leaves had fallen from the trees from the previous days wind and rain they looked pretty even on the ground.

Time for a quick picture. We only took their leashes off for the short time to take the picture then they were snapped right back on since this is the on leash area of the park.

More beautiful moss.

When the sun came out it felt warm but when it was behind the clouds definitely chilly.

On our way to the off leash area and a walk through Bayview cemetery.

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