2011 10 29 Bayview Cemetery

Along the way of the off leash dog area at Whatcom Falls is Bayview Cemetery. Please be sure to leash your dog before you go into the cemetery as it is definitely not off leash.

The off leash trail to the cemetery.

Far view of the angel.

Vinnie is on leash, just can not see it in this shot. I loved how he seemed to be paying his respects. Just stopped and watched the leaves moving between the graves.

The “bay view” at Bayview…

Many of the older grave markers are almost completely covered with moss and lichens.

I was going to lighten this photo up a bit but decided to leave it as is…the sun went behind a cloud and the lighting had this amazing darkness to it for a few minutes even with the blue sky.

Closer view of the angel.

Again decided to leave this one as is to show off the dark light and the trees “glowing”.


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