Photo Fun

Went and took the dogs for a hike on Sunday at Stewart Mountain Trail. I discovered a couple of interesting things which I shall go into in more detail in my next post. For tonight I thought I would share a little of the process I go through when I decide a photo needs some editing. Most photos when they show up in the screen untouched to not have the vibrancy or “life” that they had in person. So that can be added back a bit with photo editing. Tonight was just more about having fun but can also sort of explain where hours can be spent on photo editing. Not complaining as it is a interesting entertaining process. The hard part is which edit “wins” and gets to be on the blog. Well in this blog they all win…

All these edits were done in flickr with the free picnik software. It is a great option if your computer is to old and slow for photoshop.

to get a larger size click on any of the photos.

Original: nice perspective in this picture but a little washed out:

Cropped and “boosted”:

Sepia with a touch of “matte” finish around the edges:

Black and White with vignette finish:

And my favorite? “Holgish” similar to the B&W with some subtle differences:



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