For the Birds

Even though it is cold and we had snow this week, Spring is coming. The birds are everywhere. I am very curious what kinds of birds the following pictures contain. The first two are water birds at Lake Padden. The last I think is some sort of wood pecker?

***Updated: It seems facebook has all the answers…or at least good Facebook friends have the answers. So in order the first two birds are:  Double Crested Cormorants; second group of black water birds are American Coots; the last is a woodpecker, a Northern Flicker to be exact.***

These birds where sunning them selves stretching their wings out and shaking them until we walked by, then they got very still.


This large group was hanging out with the Mallards (pretty much the only duck I can identify) and also in the water.

And this one I think might be some sort of wood pecker? He looks white in the photo but really was a tan/brown color.

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