11 houses in under 5 hours

That’s just how Whatcomtom rolls.

Actually it is really better to look at about 5 houses when you are on a search but the market in Whatcom County has gotten pretty competitive for homes under 300,000. We went from having a couple weeks to look at a home to now homes that are priced well are getting multiple offers at list price or above. Sooo that means if there are a bunch of homes that a client wants to look at it is better to go sooner and not miss out on the perfect home. So we look at 11 homes. Bliss tried to get pictures at each house but some are just of the neighborhood. We lucked out and had good weather and a client that even brought us snacks.

This picture I liked as even though it is out of focus it reminds me of the Spring we are having. Lots of rain and cold weather with little bits of Spring peaking though just like the in focus flowers in the background.

It started out pretty with lovely moss colored porches

And then there was this!!! yup that is a taxidermy puffer fish hanging up as decoration. There were several throughout the house watching you.

Some houses went for the more traditional decorations, like bird-feeders.


Remember these? fun that some of the older homes have them built in.

We saw signs for lost hens, this one’s name is Dumpling. I hope she is found soon.

We found a free table that just needs a littleĀ  refinishing.

Nice green lawn, I don’t think the grass ever got really brown this winter. It is definitely growing now. Hello Lawnmower my old friend, can’t say I have missed you.

Staging tip #37: Apparently when you are missing appliances like a refrigerator a fake tree makes an excellent substitution.

Almost done.

Last one, time for a break. It was a great day and we even found a few possibilities.

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