Walk on Barkley

Railroad trail and down Barkley Blvd.

2013 01 16 walk 1

The fungus type plants are thriving on our damp weather.

2013 01 16 walk 2

There was bunches of tiny birds enjoying the berries but they were to hard to capture with the point and shoot camera. The berries, however, cooperated and stayed still for some pictures.

2013 01 16 walk 3

More fungus or a lichen? and of course the invasive ivy that grows everywhere.

2013 01 16 walk 4

Look closely at this picture. It was taken off of Barkley Blvd just as it starts leveling off. Can you tell what this is? If you guessed Treadmill you are correct. It is out in the middle of a field. Curious what the story was on it…New Years resolution gone bad? Oh the stories it could tell.

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