Climbing Klipsun

A guest post by my wife Bliss

Every time the weather is decent I try to take a walk at lunch. It feels great to get out and move since I sit in a desk all day long.  One of the most challenging trails that is walking distance from my building is the Klipsun Trail off of Railroad trail system. (Curious why it is called Klipsun)

It starts out very level and easy, lulling me into a false sense of confidence that I won’t be gasping for air by the time I reach the top.

Then abruptly it is all steepness and stairs. The stairs are there as it is so steep a person would slide back down the hill if they weren’t there. Well maybe if a person would slide back down if said person was a middle aged, sort of in shape person such as my self.

About 2/3 rds of the way up there is an escape. It is so tempting. As the last third of this climb is the hardest. So tempting that escape called Vining street. Especially because by now the joggers are sprinting by me as I try not to sound like a train huffing and puffing my way up.

But I persevere and then when I get to the top and wander the quiet neighborhood of Alabama hill and see the beautiful views and people gardening in their yards I realize it was worth it. A work out with a view like this for a reward instead of a gym filled with sweaty people reminds me of how much I am thankful to live in a place where my gym is just steps out my office door.