2011 Sunnyland Stomp

This years fabulous poster for The Sunnyland Stomp was designed by: R.R. Clark of Fishboy Gallery

The sky started out pretty ominous and was producing a steady drizzle.

Stopped raining just in time to set up the tent.

Our neighbors were giving away free popcorn which helped keep us very busy.

My “assistant” had to be locked up as she kept licking people in the face when they were getting a massage.

Then after about 2 hours the sky darkened and there was a huge thunder-storm with a steady down pour.

When it finally cleared up there were some pretty amazing clouds.

I figured it was time to take a break from massaging and go check out some of the other galleries.

Definitely had to go to the Artisan Revival II where there was music, beer tasting (from brew master Chris McClanahan)  and food being prepared by gourmet chef Brian Pahl

I actually like the “rain effect” on the sign, wonder if there is an app for that

Cooling off the massage hands with a little “Monks Gone Wild”  Belgian Tripel IPA (not your traditional IPA)

Then it was off to as many other galleries as we could make it to before going back to do a couple more massages.

When I shot the photo below I didn’t realize I had captured the bikes and wine in the background. They just tell such a story I had to share this picture.

A true artists sink.

Even with the rain it was a great Stomp and I can’t wait until 2012